The right to decide whether or when to have children

All persons have the right to decide freely and responsibly on the number and spacing of their children. This includes the right to decide whether or when to have children and access to the means to exercise this right.

The right to decide whether or when to have children can be used to campaign:

  • Information, education and services related to reproductive health, safe motherhood and safe abortion that are accessible, affordable, acceptable and convenient
  • Services that offer the widest possible range of methods of fertility regulation that are safe, effective and acceptable
  • The freedom of all women and men to choose and use a method of protection against unplanned pregnancy that is safe and acceptable to them

  • Discrimination against women in the workplace that makes it difficult for them to have children and remain in employment
  • Forced pregnancy, or continuation thereof
  • Parental or spousal consent requirements for access to contraception or abortion services