Period  Donor, Project Budget
1. PROJECT:  Bringing the WHO recommendations on safe abortion closer to women in countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia, by supporting the development of national clinical guidelines and protocols on abortion 2018-2021 Safe Abortion Action Funds,
180.000 USD
1. PROJECT:  Improving uptake of contraceptives within post abortion care in Transnistria 2017-2018 Safe Abortion Action Funds,
65.000 USD
2. PROJECT:  All Equal, All Healthy: Empowering Women and Girls with Disabilities in Moldova to Exercise their Sexual and Reproductive Rights 2016-2017 Embassy of Finland in Bucharest,
35.976 Euro
3. PROJECT: Coordinate Regional Training Center on Development and Implementation of Clinical Guidelines and Protocols on Reproductive Health 2015-2017 UNFPA Regional Office for Eastern Europe and Central Asia,
62.317 USD
4. PROJECT: Strengthening national system of services provision in family planning 2015-2017 UNFPA Moldova,
45.665 USD
5.  PROJECT: Increasing the quality of abortion care within a comprehensive package of reproductive health services in Transnistria  2014-2016  Safe Abortion Action Funds,
159.481 USD
6. PROJECT:  Evaluating and mapping comprehensive abortion care in the Republic of Moldova 2014-2015 WHO,
17.342 USD
7. Reproductive Health Training Center (RHTC)  took over the coordination of the International Consortium for Medical Abortion (ICMA) 2005-2014